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About Me

My name is Kathleen and I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE).


I have been working in the field for about 12 years in early childhood settings and I currently work in the Full Day Kindergarten Program.


I have experience leading workshops for parents on mathematics in the learning environment, and literacy in the early years. I have organized leadership and advocacy events to create awareness about the role of an RECE.


As much as I enjoy working with children and seeing their growth while they are in my care, I am also passionate about parent involvement, creating rapports with families from day one, and educating families on the Kindergarten Program and what my role is.

I am also available for phone consultations and home visits for parents who want to discuss behaviour management strategies, setting up a play space, outings you can do with your child that doesn’t require spending money, activities to do at home and in the outdoor environment, etc.  


Contact me below for an appointment. I look forward to seeing you at my upcoming workshops!

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